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8th Grade Yellow Team Science

Class Requirements and Expectations     Mrs. Ebinger 

Welcome to 8th grade science!  I am looking forward to a very exciting and challenging year  in science.

The curriculum for 8th Grade Physical Science is divided into  into two main areas of Science – Chemistry and Physics.  We will begin the year with an overview of laboratory safety and review of scientific inquiry and metric measurement.  We will then move on to explore matter - its properties, states, and changes of state.

Physics will be explored in the second quarter.  You will participate in many hands-on activities to study force, friction, gravity and motion.  You will also be introduced to Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, through research and group inquiry lab investigations.

In Chemistry, you will learn to distinguish the difference between atoms, elements, compounds and mixtures.  In addition to writing chemical formulas, and balancing equations, you will be introduced to the Periodic Table of Elements.

There will be many opportunities to use research skills and technology to create presentations and projects to share with the class.  Inquiry Lab Investigations encourage participation of all students.  In teams, you further your scientific knowledge by observing scientific principles first hand. 

The grading system is divided into 2 categories.

                           1. Classwork (called CT) is worth 90%. 

                              Includes  chapter tests, projects, labs, journal notebook,  classwork, and  quizzes.

                              The assignments in the Categories - CT are weighted differently

                                                          Tests  / Projects     =    5

                                                           Inquiry Labs              =  3

                                                           Journal Notes           =   2

                                                           Quizzes                     =   1

                    2. Homework - is worth 10%.

                                The grading system for homework assignments  (Type 1, Type 2, and "Think sheets")

                                          Check  plus =      100 pt ( on time, complete, follows expectations)

                                           Check         =      80  pt  (not complete, not on time,lacks  detail )

                                           Check Minus       60 pt ( Assignment is very incomplete, directions are

                                                                                          not followed.

                                          Zero               No points -


The Science Note Journal and Inquiry Lab Journal will emphasize science literacy as well, and the ability to incorporate writing to strive to understand the world around you.


Extra Help:

Please let me know when you need to stay for extra help. DO NOT wait until the day before a test or quiz.

You are all invited to come in any time - to complete labs and journals with a friend.  Please sign the after school appointment book – so that I know you are coming in.

Students Responsibilities


You will be given a textbook, at the beginning of the year.


This book MUST BE COVERED and remain covered for the entire school year.

In June, you must pass in the same book number.

If you change your textbook –changed on your “Index Card”

Missed Classes:

  If you are NOT in class due to illness,

Dismissed for an appointment

 Band or chorus practice

 Peer leaders

 Guidance appointment, nurse…..what ever!


        1. Give your homework to a friend to pass it in on the day it is due!!!!!

2. Have a classmate pick up the homework for you

3. It is YOUR responsibility to check the Homework Yellow Team  email.

         4. Be prepared to pass in work – that was assigned for the day.


Make good choices:

     1. Be on time to class.

If you are late – you MUST have a pass, from your teacher in the previous class.

    2. Failure to be on class on time – will be noted on your progress report, and report card.


      3.Have a Positive Attitude:

You will be working with everyone in the class this year in science. Be must willing to share, compare, listen, and to all students.   DO NOT be afraid to make mistakes!

      (Please leave all “Drama” outside the door!)

-      Be Prepared:

Be sure to have all materials, and assignments with you each day.

Failure to do so – will be noted on progress report and report card.

             I will promote a safe learning environment

Please let me know if you need any special seating, repeating directions, or your feel uncomfortable at any time. ……


Science Work:

-          Science Journal-

                                You are required to bring your 2 science journal with you to each class.

                                Journals will be used to record reference information such as:

Notes                           Inquiry Labs

All missed journal work must be made up.


  • Labs-

              You will be required to participate in, and complete all labs and related projects.

Use the format given for all reports.

If you are absent, you will have 2 days to make-up labs, after which a “0” will be given.


  • Projects:

A culminating project will be assigned each  making  period.  Due dates and grading criteria will be given in advance.  (Projects grade will be dropped -10 each day late.)



  • Tests :

A written assessment will be given at end of each chapter .All tests will be announced will announced ahead of time so you can prepare for it.

If you are absent from class, you must make up the test the following day.

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