Readers are Leaders

  • Readers are Leaders

    Readers are Leaders is a collaborative program between the Amesbury Rotary, Amesbury Public Library, the school library and home. This program has been set up to help children explore all genres of books in the library. 

    The student will visit the Amesbury Public Library or their school library and check out a book in a designated area. A companion worksheet to the book is found online at the Amesbury Public Library Kids web site or at the Amesbury Public Library (children's section). This worksheet needs to be completed, signed by an adult and RETURNED to the AMESBURY PUBLIC LIBRARY.  (Scroll to find link to form.)

    Once the worksheet is received by the Amesbury Public Library, the child will receive a raffle ticket  (The Golden Ticket) to bring to the SCHOOL LIBRARY.  This is an entry into a raffle that will take place three times this school year (December, February, April).  When a raffle ticket is brought to school a token prize will be awarded immediately. 

    Another component of the program is when a student reads a book every month and enters the raffle every month, reading badges will be awarded to the student. The student must read a book for 2 consecutive months in a row to qualify for a badge. If a student reads a book in November and December, they will earn the first badge. If a student reads a book in January and February, they will earn the second badge, etc. A student may earn up to three badges a year.  

    Funding for this program comes from the Friends of the Library and the Amesbury Rotary.


    Monthly Themes for 2016-2017

    November: Read Around the World (Pick a book about a different country)
    December: Holidays and Peace
    January: Winter Animals
    February: Biographies 
    March: Weather 
    April: Poetry

    "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader." -Margaret Fuller