Birthday Book Program

  • Birthday Book Program

    *If you would like to participate, please open the file below to print the form.   

    The Birthday Book Program provides an opportunity for families to honor a student with a book donation to the library.  Prior to your child's birthday, you may print out and send in the form along with a cash donation.  Once the gift is received, the librarian, child or parent will select a book that is needed in the library.  Books will be purchased in advance and set aside for the program.  I am happy to select a quality book for your child, but of course parents are welcome to assist in the selection.

    A bookplate will be placed inside the book stating the child's name, age and birthday.  The book will then be presented to the child during library class, and the child will be the first to check out the book.  

    The Birthday Book program is a wonderful way to build our collection of books, and honor students and teachers and other adults in the AES community. 

    Cash only please.  Thank you for supporting the AES Library!

    For more information, please open the file below. 

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