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  • Hello Families,

    I would like to remind my AES students of two websites that we use in the gym. The first is gonoodle, which has many entertaining movement videos, my favorite is the Maximo gonoodle dancer. Another website for a story and yoga stretches is cosmic yoga. This site has dozens of great stories from Trolls to Harry Potter to Mind Craft, with movement stretches that follow along to the story.

    I would also like to create a Workout of the Week, let’s call it a WOW!!! This will be an easy workout that the whole family may enjoy. These simple exercises can be practiced every day!


    March 30, 2020 WOW!!


    1. Stretches
    • Pretzel
    • Shoulder shrugs
    • Cobra
    • Superman


    1. Strength
    • Arm circles forward and backward
    • Push ups
    • Inch worm
    • Squats


    1. Cardio
    • Marching in place
    • Mountain climber
    • Ski jumps



    Have fun with this workout, try to hold stretches for 30 seconds, and perform 30 repetitions to strength and cardio exercises.

    Drink plenty of water and try to get outside and RUN!


    Weather permitting get some sunshine, for the vitamin D!
    Be Safe, Be Kind and Be Well.
    Ms. Welch
    Physical Education
    Amesbury Elementary School














    When students come to P.E., they should be dressed and ready to move!  Sneakers are required along with proper clothing to stretch and run.  Kindergarten will receive P.E. for 45 minutes a week, grades first through fourth will receive P.E. 60 minutes a week.  My grade level themes, as well as my monthly curriculum units are located to the left of this web page.  I welcome communication with parents; the best way to reach me is by e-mail.  

    Thank you,

    Margaret Welch P.E.

    You can reach Mrs. Welch by email at