Grade 2

  • Welcome to Second Grade!

    We would like to welcome you to second grade.  We are a community of learners exploring and making discoveries together.  Our second grade team includes Victoria Fitzpatrick, Deborah Jancewicz, Ashley LaValley, Joanna Dodier, Dee Vachon.  We are supported by many others who help to make your child's experience in second grade a happy and successful one.  We value open communication and believe that postive parent-teacher partnerships are essential to the growth and development of your child.

    Our days here at Cashman are busy but we always make time for fun! We are building upon the foundation laid in first grade, as well as introducing and practicing new skills.  Community, matter, habitats, regrouping, drawing conclusions, topic sentences and long vowel sounds are just some of the things that we are learning about. We use our senses to observe the world around us, make predictions and test our predictions through experiments. We sing songs to help us learn about habitats, phonics and grammar. Manipulatives are just one of the many ways that we solve problems in math. Our classrooms are bustling and students are active and enthusiastic about learning.

    We hope that this website serves as a useful and informational tool.  Below you can choose to view individual classroom pages.

    Thank you for your continued support and patience.


    Mrs. Dodier     Ms. Fitzpartick    Mrs. Jancewicz    Mrs. LaValley    Mrs. Vachon