• MATH

    Please scroll to the bottom of the page where you will find the common core for second grade math and you will find some websites where you can practice math fact fluency for addition and subtraction.  

    Once schools starts you will be receiving a password for Xtramath so you can practice both at home and school.  You will also be receiving a password mid-year for study island from Mrs. Barnaby to practice all math skills.

    Operations  and Algebraic

    1. Represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction

    2. Add and subtract within 20

    3. Work with equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication


    Number and Operations in Base Ten

    1. Understand place value

    2. Use place value understanding and properties to add and subtract


    Measurement and Data

    1.  Measure and estimate lengths in standard units

    2.  Relate addition and subtraction to length

    3. Work with time and money

    4. Represent and interpret data



    1. Reason with shapes and their attributes