• John Collins Writing Program

    John Collins Writing Program (5 types of writing)
    In second grade we focus more on Type One, Type Two, and Type Three writing.

    Type 1: Capture Idea

    Type One writing gets ideas on paper-brainstorming.  Type One is timed and requires a minimum of items or line.  Questions and / or guesses are permitted.  Evaluated with a check or minus.

    Type 2: Respond Correctly (Quiz)

    Type Two writing shows that the writer knows something about a topic or has thought about the topic.  It is a correct answer to a specific question, graded as a quiz. One draft.

    Type 3: Edit for FCA's 

    Type Three has substantive content and meets up to three specific standards called focus correction areas.  It is read aloud and reviewed to if the drafts meets the following criteria: completes the assignment, is easy to read, and meets standards set by the focus corrections areas.  Revision and editing are done on the original.  One draft.

    Type 4: Peer Edit for FCA's

    Type Four writing is Type Three that is read aloud and critiqued by another .  Two drafts.

    Type 5: Publish

    Type Five writing is of publishable quality.  Multiple drafts.