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    EAST Wellness at AMS

     Wellness at AMS includes Health and Physical Education (PE).  Students are taught skills and strategies within each course that support the importance of taking care of the body, emotions and feelings and developing positive relationships. Sensitive to the challenges adolescents are experiencing at this stage in development, the Wellness Curriculum is designed to provide age appropriate information to help the adolescent be active in improving his or her own wellness.

     Physical Health: taking care of the body

    In Physical Education, students participate in a variety of activities that develop fitness to promote a strong and healthy body.  In Family and Consumer Science, students are educated in nutrition and first aid. In Health, students learn about the harmful effects on the body from drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Students are taught decision making skills that encourage healthy choices.

     Mental/Emotional Health: feeling good about your self, self-esteem

    To foster self-esteem, in Physical Education, students develop skills that build self-confidence which builds up mental and emotional well being.  In Health class, students learn the importance of having a positive self-esteem and how it impacts one’s wellness.

     Social Health: getting along with others, forming positive relationships with family and friends.

    Positive peer relationships are a part of the team building activities.  Working with others in a respectful manner is a theme that is required during Physical Education activities and also necessary when working in small groups.  Within the Health class, students are taught skills to resolve conflict in peaceful ways and learn to recognize the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

     Connecting the mind and body, through our EAST Wellness Program, students are being taught life skills that will encourage positive choices for a lifetime of well being.

    Physical Education Teachers                      

    Mrs. Burke                                              

    E-mail: burkej@amesburyma.gov  

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    Mr. Baril                                        

    E-mail: barilt@amesburyma.gov

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    Mr. Alley

    E-mail: alleyl@amesburyma.gov

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    Mrs. Mitchell

    Email: mitchellm@amesburyma.gov

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