Lime Team

Welcome to the Lime Team!

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We are pleased to welcome you to the Lime Team at Amesbury Middle School. Fifth grade is an exciting and challenging year for students.

On the Lime Team we work hard, take risks, make mistakes, and have fun LEARNING!  Our goals are to:

  • Come to school with a POSITIVE attitude.
  • Be ready to try new things and remember that making mistakes is part of learning.
  • Strive for EXCELLENCE!  Persevere! Don’t give up because it’s hard.
  • Ask for HELP when you need it.
  • TAKE CHARGE of your learning.

We consider parents and guardians to be an essential component in the educational team. If you ever have any concerns regarding your child’s education, please do not hesitate to email us at school.


Kerin Byrne

Language Arts Teacher

Kristin Fitzgerald

Science Teacher

Ashley Osborn

Math Teacher

Connie Wall

Social Studies Teacher