Grade 7

  • Welcome to Amesbury Middle School 7th grade.  Our wing is located parallel to Landry Stadium on the first floor, housing nine classrooms: two science, two English/language arts, two social studies, two math, and one special education classroom.  Each holds 23-27 students. The teachers are a combination of young and old(er) teachers who are veterans and teachers who are newer to the profession.  This provides for an optimum learning environment for students, allowing veteran teachers to feed off our new, younger teachers' enthusiasm and energy and allowing proteges to work with and learn from experienced educators. We are a happy, cohesive group, priding ourselves on working together to create an enriching learning experience for all students.  If you'd like to email an entire team, click on the link below.  If you want to email a teacher individually, click on their name below.  We, the 7th grade educators, are having a fabulous year.


    Green Team teachers:

    Christine Denuzzio - Science


    Sam Bragg - Social Studies


    Jennifer Ghezzi - Math


    Andrew Goodwin - Language Arts



    White Team teachers:


    Greg Cook - Science


    Catherine Hill - Math


    Allison MacAulay - Social Studies


    Kristen Bilodeau - Language Arts


We're learning fast