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  • 8th Grade Yellow Team


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     Science / Terri Ebinger-Students will be studying physics and chemistry this year. They will experience a variety of learning activities, including inquiry investigations, nightly homework, note-taking, test, quizzes and projects. Students will have many opportunities to work individually, in pairs and small groups. Many of the assignments will be using computers for lab write-ups, internet research and project development.

    Social Studies / Tia Costello -In Social Studies students learn about ancient world history. Throughout the year, students will study some of the great civilizations in ancient times and what impact they had on both the ancient and modern world. We start by studying some of the oldest civilizations, India and China, then move on to study Africa and the Islamic Empire. We end the year by learning about Europe during the Middle Ages. We focus on certain themes that run throughout the course such as the role of trade, religion and empires in shaping ancient history.

    Math / Mike Wesolowski- Students will cover pre-algebra, geometry and solving simple equations. The materials in the course will fluctuate between Connected Math, Creative Publications and the Chicago Math. The curriculum is in line with the current Massachusetts State Frameworks.

    Language Arts / Moire O'Mullane - The focus of this class in on reading, writing, vocabulary development and grammar. In class, students will read a number of short stories, plays, non-fictions, and teacher chosen novels such as Tangerine, Monster, and Lord of the Flies. In addition students are expected to select novels on their own throughout the year and write Response Logs, which analyze and share their thoughts and feelings in letter form with an emphasis on learning to predict, and make deeper connections. Students will write a great deal besides these logs, including creative writing, essays, poetry and a research paper at the end of the year. Significant time is spent on learning and using new and challenging vocabulary both orally and in writing.


    Team Meeting Times:
    Please call the main office to schedule an appointment.

    Homework Hotline:
    978-388-0515 X7270

    Grades and Homework:
    Homework is due as specified by each teacher.
    When absent please call the Homework Hotline to
    find out student’s responsibilities.

    Printer/Computer problems?
    The classrooms have computers and Microsoft Office.
    Students may save their documents to a disk and print
    them at school if there are printer problems at home.
    Documents must be Microsoft Office compatible.