Mrs. Bernardoni

  • Greetings new students! My name is Mrs. Bernardoni and I am very excited to be your art teacher at the Amesbury Middle School. If you think you need some help saying my name, break it down like this: "Bern-AR-Dough-NI". Believe it or not, but I actually grew up in Amesbury and went to the Amesbury Middle School! Some of your teachers were MY teachers and I cannot wait to meet you all. 

              After I graduated from the Amesbury High School, I moved to New York City where I attended college at Pace University. My major was in Musical Theater, but I continued to take art classes and began to find that my art classes were bringing me more joy than my work in the theater. Following graduation I did some work in the theater and even filmed a short Horror Movie! I started working as a teaching artist for the Center for Arts Education. Through this organization I was teaching theater and visual arts.

              Two years later I went back to school at the School of Visual Arts and received an MAT in Art Education. I treasured my time in graduate school and subsequently landed a job at the Brooklyn Amity School in south Brooklyn. While at Amity School, I taught grades K-12 while cultivating an in depth knowledge of curriculum development and the ability to work with students of all grade levels.

              I love to travel and after I got married last year, my husband and I hiked 1,800 miles in New Zealand. It was the most exhilarating and informative trip of my life. It inspired me to go on anther hike this past summer called the Pacific Northwest Trail. I hiked from Montana to Washington and did a total of 730 miles. I am now grateful to be settled back into Amesbury and I look forward to meeting you all and helping you grow in both art and life!