Library Orientation

    Grade 5 LMC Orientation 2017
    a.k.a. Boot Camp

    Let's begin with a fun library video!

    Each of the 5th grade teams will visit the AMS Library Media Center during the month of September for four lessons, in order to become independent and effective users of the school library and its resources. The first two lessons will focus on Destiny, our automated library software which students may use at home or at school, and the last 2 lessons will focus on the 3 main sections of the library and how to do a self-checkout if no one is working at the library desk.


    1. Lesson One (Introduction to Destiny

    Week of September 4-8

    Students in grade 5 arrived to the library and learned the procedure for managing materials, cell phones, and basic library etiquette, and before delving into Destiny, the fifth graders received a brief tour of the AMS library.

    Here are some of the locations that were included in the tour. 

    • Book Flood
    • 8th Grade Alcove
    • Fiction Section
    • Supply Table

    What should we do with our Agenda books and supplies when we visit the AMC?


    See how happy they are when they remember all of their supplies?


     Where should we put our cell phones?

      Destiny Lesson #1 The 5th graders gathered at the tables and pondered the big question.  



    The fifth graders learned how to log on to Destiny from school and at home. They learned how to checkout books if there is nobody at the desk to help and they learned the difference between a barcode and a spine label. The last important information that was shared is how to conduct a search using our online catalog system, Destiny. 
    At three different times during the lesson, students were given time to turn to their table mates and talk about what they have been learning. These sessions are called "Turn and Talks".  Not only does this technique reinforce information that is being taught, it also gives the students the opportunity to verbalize what they understand and to hear from their classmates. 




    To reinforce the self checkout process, I wrote a short skit and the students acted it out. The self checkout procedure was explained in the skit. 

    The lesson ended with a lively scavenger hunt in the library. Some of the items on the list were: a pencil sharpener, a biography on Abigail Adams, recite the fire exit plan to an adult, and a fiction book written by an author whose last name starts with an L.  The students left feeling confident that they could navigate the LMC independently. They also left with a book, since they will need independent reading material this week.


    Destiny Lesson #2
    Delving Deeper into Destiny
    Week of September 4-8


    During this lesson the fifth graders learned how to conduct searches using Destiny. They practiced logging into their accounts and they learned how to manage their personal accounts. They are able to access the Destiny catalog at home, check their user history, conduct searches, place holds on books, and connect with friends user the social media platform in Destiny.  They learned how to find safe and reliable websites on a variety of subjects, which is helpful when the books they need are not available in the library.  They also practiced using the self checkout method of getting books when there is nobody at the front desk. 

    After an overview of the many features in Destiny, the fifth graders moved to the computers and working in groups, further explored our library search catalog. Next week they will write reviews, place holds on books and send book recommendations to their friends.  Stay tuned....



    Destiny Lesson #3

    Working in small groups, students used the computers and practiced writing reviews and recommendations to friends and placed holds on books. They had time to explore WebPath Express and were introduced to the social media feature of Destiny, Destiny Quest.

    Click on link and take Kahoot Quiz Below.




    Lesson 4: 
    Part 1: Fiction, Nonfiction and Biographies
    Part 2: Call Numbers and Barcodes

    As a recap of the prior lessons, the students Turned and Talked about what they learned about Destiny and locating resources independently in the Library Media Center.  Here are some of the skills that were mentioned:
    • How to leave Destiny without logging off
    • How to conduct a search using Keyword, Title, Author, Subject or Series.
    • How to write a review or a recommendation
    • How to place a hold on a book
    • How to make friends and connections using Destiny Quest and send your friends book recommendations
    • How to search for websites using WebPath Express
    • The Spotlight on WebPath Express is constantly changing
    • By clicking on Details, you can find information on the title, such as a summary or how many copies of the book the library owns
    Today's lesson focused on identifying the correct barcode number so that students will be able to check out a book using the Self-Check Out Sheet if the circulation desk is unattended.  We discussed what a barcode students worked their way through three stations.  Next students will complete a mock self-check out and if they fill it out correctly, they will be allowed to perform self-check outs.



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