Dear Parents / Guardians:

    As the new school year begins, I would like to introduce myself and welcome your child to my class.  My name is Mrs. Jackson and I will be your child’s sixth grade case manager.  I believe a good learning experience is built on a cooperative effort between parent, child, and teacher.  With your support, we can look forward to a productive, creative, and fun year together!

    I have files and school records on the students which I will be servicing.  I have also met with fifth grade teachers. However, please inform me of any special circumstances surrounding your child now or at any time during the school year. Also, if you have a question or concern for a different teacher that works with your child, please include my name on that email.  

    If you wish to arrange a conference, please leave a message at the school office.  Our school phone number is (978)388-0515.  I will return your call at my earliest convenience. However, the best way to reach me is through email at: jacksonc@amesburyma.gov.  I will check this several times a day.

    Again, welcome!  I look forward to an exciting and challenging year.



    Mrs. Jackson 


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