Homework Policy

  • Homework Policy


    See the bottom of this page for detailed information about letter and number grades.  

    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  Homework is given as a review of the work covered in class, or to prepare for an upcoming test.  It is not given as punishment.  Homework has value and is given to help your child succeed in class.  We feel it also helps teach responsibility and develops positive, long lasting study habits.

    Homework will vary in length, but weekday study time should not exceed fifty minutes.  In addition, at-home reading time of thirty to forty minutes nightly is recommended.  Contact me if your child is spending an exceptional amount of time on homework on a daily basis.  We can then work on a solution together.

    Students are expected to do their best, complete homework neatly, and on time.  Homework may be graded.  If the assignment is not handed in on time, the student will receive 0 credit for not completing the assignment on time. 

    Parents' Responsibilities:

    •Find a quiet place for your child to study

    •Encourage your child to show you his/her completed homework

    •Help your child study for tests


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