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  • Welcome to Mr. Baril's PE Website

    On this site, you will be able to view photos of many of the games and activities that take place in our PE classes.  Throughout the year, we will encourage students to participate in a variety of different ways, and we will keep a photo log.  We will take photos at least once during each unit and upload them to the teacher sites.  Check back often for the most recent photos.  

    Our PE classes will engage students in activities that promote teamwork, healthy lifestyles, lifelong fitness, problem solving, and participation.  We will be incorporating some new games and activities, including GAGA Ball, Tchoukball, and Soccer Golf.  

    We have also started a snowshoeing unit in PE, and will give every student in the school the opportunity to adventure out into the natural playground behind the school.

    In addition to all of these games and activities, the PE department has partnered with CrossFit Amesbury to bring a new and exciting approach to fitness in all of our classes.

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