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    World Geography and Ancient Civilizations


       Mr. Foley

    Social Studies - Blue Team

    Mr. Foley  

    Contact me

                                                                         email: patrick.foley@amesburyma.org                                                       


     Keys to your success

    1. Be Prompt: be on time. Don’t miss out!

    2. Be Prepared: be sure to have a pencil and your assignments.

    3. Be Productive: hard work always gets rewarded, so always do your very best!

    4. Be Positive: have a good attitude. It makes the experience much more fun!

    5. Be Polite: always be kind and courteous.

    How you will be evaluated

    Content: 90%

    Projects/Tests —culminating activities, vocabulary & maps that show mastery of concepts.

    Quizzes/mini-projects –checks for understanding, writing and smaller-scale assignments to determine progress towards mastery of concepts.

    Classwork/Homework: 10%

    Classwork/participation—pays attention, answers/asks questions, is respectful and stays on task

    Homework—my homework is designed for students to DISCOVER more and DIVE DEEPER into the world we are studying.

    Extra help

    After school help days are subject to change throughout the school year. Students will be notified in advance if a change is made.

    Students may also request afterschool help one day in advance.