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    Suggestions for a Successful School Year

    It is highly recommended that students memorize their calculation facts.  The curriculum this year is highly dependent on students being able to divide and multiply with ease.  The use of flashcards even ten minutes a day can be a tremendous help with this. 

    Class Preparation

    Students will come to every class with their agenda, a pencil, and a binder with plenty of scrap paper.  They should also have their homework with them on the day it is due.  I recommend using a homework folder.  Frequent visits to their locker during class are a distraction and could result in making up the lost time after school.

    Math Topics Covered

    Including but not limited to:

    • Decimals
    • Fractions
    • Percents
    • Ratios & Proportions
    • Statistics
    • Geometry
    • Problem solving
    • Algebra

    Grading Criteria
    • Homework = 10%
    • Tests/Quizzes = 90%
    Homework Policy
    • Homework is typically assigned about twice a week on average.
    • No Late homework is accepted without a written note from a parent/guardian with a legitimate reason.  If a student has difficulty completing a given assignment, a parent/guardian could write a note, and that student should expect to stay after for help.
    • Problems on the homework are not graded right or wrong.  The homework given is meant to help the students practice what we learn in class.  They need to show effort in the work done.  Homework is graded as follows: 100% - all items completed or attempted; 85% - most of the items completed or attempted; 50% - at least half completed or attempted; 0% - less then half completed or attempted.  If students do not have their homework when it is due, they will get an MI for Missing.  An MI in Aspen is counted as a 0% but lets you know that the student did not turn in the homework..

    Extra Help

    I am usually available after school.  I ask that students give me at least a day's notice so I can let them know if I am available or not due to unforeseen meetings or other commitments.

    Contacting Mr. Rinaldi

    If you have any questions or comments throughout the year and need to contact me, I highly recommend emailing me at rinaldim@amesburyma.gov if possible instead of calling.  I can usually respond to email by the end of the school day or at most within 24 hours.