Grading and Expectations

  • Classroom Expectations         

    Students are expected to be:

    1.      Responsible— for their actions and materials.

    2.      Respectful—of themselves, their peers, their teacher, and everyone’s education at all times.  

    Each class will be creating a set of class rules and expectations that are unique to the group they are a part of.


    You will be graded on unit tests, quizzes and exit tickets, classwork and preparedness, and in-class projects. If absent, you are always welcome to make up work at any time during the marking period.  Should you earn a grade that you are unhappy with, there will be opportunities to re-take Tests/Quizzes and complete extra credit in the form of homework. 


    Grading break down:

    Unit Tests                                                                      30%

    Quizzes and Exit Tickets                                               30%

    Classwork and Preparedness                                       20%

    In-class Individual and Group Projects                      10%

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