Grading Guidelines

  • Math grades will be calculated using the following percentages:

    Content (includes classwork, tests, quizzes, notebook checks, projects)  90%

    Homework (includes homework practice and participation)  10%

    **tests, quizzes, and projects may be weighed at a higher value over the course of the grading period**

    Check +, Check, Check - Grading:

    Some assignments, such as homework and classwork, will be graded using a v+, v, v-, and v--. The percentage value for each is as follows:

      v+= 100 points (The assignment is on time, complete, and follows the expectations/directions or teacher’s model.)

      v= 85 points (The assignment is not on time, incomplete or does not follow the expectations/directions/teacher’s model.)

      v - = 70 points (The assignment is more than 3 days late, very incomplete or clearly doesn’t follow the expectations/directions/teacher’s model.)

       v -- = 60 points

    The students are made aware if the above grading system will not be used for an assignment. The alternate grading system will be explained. For example, an assignment with FCAs is often a number grade. Tests and quizzes also receive number grades.


    Missing Work & Absences

    If you are absent or miss an assignment, your missing work will be placed in the “While You Were Out/Absent” mailbox. It is your responsibility to collect any missing assignments. Tests must be completed at school and cannot be taken home. You have 2-3 school days after each absence to complete any make-up work, depending on the assignment. You can stay after school on Mondays or Tuesdays with Mrs. Osborn, Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. Wall, or Ms. FitzGerald to finish work, or for extra help.

    If a student does not turn in an assignment, an NM will be given in the gradebook. NM stands for needs to make up. When the student turns in the missing assignment, the NM will be replaced with their grade. ***Students have one week to turn in missing/incomplete work before the grade becomes a 0.

    Please allow one week for class work and homework to appear in the grade book.

    Please allow 48-72 hours for a test/quiz to appear in the grade book. 

    It is recommended that parents check the online grade book (Aspen X2) once a week.

    Please feel free to email with questions (Please allow 48 hours for a return email.)