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    Mrs. Osborn's homework/class information:


    News & important information:

    *Remember all homework is graded on effort and example problems are written in each students math notebook. 

    *Enrich & Reteach pages are always available and always an option. Reteach pages include examples and visual or written supports to help students as they practice. Enrich pages provide questions that target the same concepts but in a more challenging manner. 


    *After school Math help with Mrs. Osborn is every Tuesday until 3:15. 


    Homework, In -Class Work, & Quizzes due or happening in class this week.

    Due tomorrow ~

    Homerooms 100, 102, and 106: Prepare for tomorrow's quiz by (1) spend 20 minutes on Khan Academy working in the area of place value (relationships and patterns) or (2) spend 20 minutes in the Go Math book working on the problems from today's classwork (pages 153 -155).

    Homeroom 104: Place Value, Multiplication, Decimals Practice Page 


    All homerooms will have a Place Value Quiz tomorrow. 




    Past Due homework assignments/topics:


    All homerooms-complete page 9 #s 2-7 in the Go Math book (due tomorrow).



    Homework reminders

    -Please make sure that all work/thinking to solve a problem is written out on scrap paper or in the math notebook in order to get full credit.

    -Homework is graded on effort.

    Friday Fact Challenge

    -Every Friday, students will complete a "Basic Math Fact" challenge. 



    2018-2019 Link to GoMath book:  Go Math book