Grading Policy



    Social Studies Grading Guidelines 2019-2020



    The Amesbury Middle School uses an online grade program called Follett Aspen X2.  Please note that in addition to grades; occasionally comments will be posted on x2 about an individual student’s work on an assignment.  Only the parent and the teacher will have access to this information.  This is intended to be helpful;  to let parents know if a missing assignment may be turned in late or why a grade might be unusually low or to acknowledge  good effort on a project.

    It is recommended that parents check the online grade book (Follett Aspen X2) once a week.


    The grading system is divided into 2 categories.

    1.    Tests, Quizzes, and Projects (called TQP in Aspen X2) is worth 90%. (This includes some class work, tests, quizzes, projects, and written class assignments.)

    2.    Homework/class work is worth 10%.  (This includes work that is started in class but is intended to be homework.)


    The grading system for most homework assignments and some class work (Type 1, some Type 2 assignments, Daily Edits, or ‘think sheets’) is the following:

    check + = A or 100% (The assignment is on time, complete, and follows the               expectations/directions/teacher’s model.)

    Check     = B or 85%  (The assignment is late, or 75%-95% complete or does not follow the expectations/directions/teacher’s model.)

    Check   - = C- or 70% (The assignment is more than 3 days late, or very incomplete, or clearly doesn’t follow the  expectations/directions/teacher’s model.)


    Tests, quizzes, assignments with FCAs, or Performance Task Lists are usually given a number grade. Assignments in the Tests, Quizzes, and Projects category will be weighted differently.     

    Type 2 quizzes are worth                                1

    Type 3 assignments and quizzes are worth       2

    Type 4, Type 5 and tests are worth                  3


    MN” in the grade book: This stands for MISSING. The “M” is calculated by the computer as a zero. An M is given if a student is out sick or does not turn in an assignment that can be made up.  It alerts both the teacher and parent that work needs to be made up.  The “M” will change to a grade once the work has been turned in. The work must be completed two weeks from the date of absence; otherwise, the “M” becomes a permanent zero in the grade book. It is up to the student to ask for missed work.


     “AB” in the grade bookThis stands for ABSENT.  The “AB” is not calculated by the computer. An AB is given if, due to medical reasons, the student missed a presentation that cannot be recreated for them to make up. 


    If a child cheats or talks during a test or quiz they will get a zero on that assessment until they schedule a time after school to retake the test or quiz.  We realize children experiment and make mistakes as part of the learning process.  Usually the highest grade on a retake will be 80%. 



    Please allow one week for class work and homework to appear in the grade book. Please allow 48-72 hours for a test/quiz to appear in the grade book.  Every effort is made to post grades daily.


    Please feel free to email with questions. Please cc Ms FitzGerald on any emails in case I am not able to check and respond to emails. Please allow 1 school day for a return email, if you don’t get a reply, please contact me again.