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    • Always get permission from your parents.
    • Do not include your last name, email address, or other contact information in your answer.
    • Use school appropriate language.
    • Be careful, make sure that what you are writing will not offend someone.
    • Make sure you are answering all parts of the question correctly.
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    1. Roanoke - While John White was in Europe gathering materials and desperately trying to get back to the colony, the colonists at Roanoke disappeared from the site where the colony had been established. Please share with us the theory you think best explains what happened to the colonists at Roanoke.

    In your answer:

    A. Identify the theory.

    B. Explain why you think it is correct.

    C. Use evidence from the videos or texts to support your choice. Remember to give credit to the source (name the video or text) you used.


    1. Response answers all 3 parts of the question. (60 points)

    2. At least one supporting detail (20 points)

    3. "No Excuses" which includes correct word choice, punctuation, and spelling (20 points)