EXPECTATIONS guide 2017-8

  • ORANGE TEAM Language Arts 2017-18

    Classroom Guide and Expectations


    Welcome to 8th grade! Beginnings can be fun, nerve-wracking and exciting. I'm looking forward to getting to know you, growing and learning alongside you, and having a meaningful year together.


    My purpose in writing this guide is to let you and your parents know how you can best succeed in my Language Arts class. I want you to have a wonderful and successful year! Here are a few guidelines to help:


    I. BE PREPARED! To do this you need to bring the following every day. Being organized will help you succeed!

    1. COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK (Marbled 100 page) You will need this for every day work in class. You will bring this to class and keep it here unless you need it to complete an assignment for homework.  You will need two for the year.  I suggest having different colored ones for different classes.  This will help you to be more organized!

    2. WRITING UTENSILS: Always have several pens (blue and black only please) and pencils. Highlighters, colored pencils, sharpies and colored markers are useful and we suggest keeping all those in a pencil case you can carry around and use for all classes.

    3. FOLDER for other papers we will get for reference etc.

    4. Other items that are very helpful are stickies, flags etc. for marking up text, white out, and a ruler.


    II. Come to class ON TIME. If you are late, or absent, it is your responsibility to come to me and get any missed work and make it up in a timely manner. (Please see below on GRADES.)


    III. BE RESPONSIBLE. If you are having difficulty, please do not suffer in silence! I am available after school for

    Extra Help and would be most happy to work with you. Just let me know that you want to come see me. My after school day is usually Monday, but if I know you want to stay and I don’t have meetings, I can arrange to stay after on other days as well.


    Our Eighth grade Language Arts CURRICULUM

    Language Arts incorporates all the forms of communication: reading, writing and speaking. On our class reading list this year are short stories from our Literature anthology, essays, poetry, student choice books, the play “Macbeth”, nonfiction Growing up Under Hitler’s Shadow, and the class novel Lord of the Flies.   If you are not already an avid reader, I hope you will be by the end of this year! Through the year you will have the opportunity to do many types of writing, including creative pieces, many types of essays, and poetry. Remember, writing takes practice, and with practice, you will greatly strengthen your abilities. We will also have many discussions, and other opportunities to express your feelings, ideas and creativity.



    All assignments are expected to be turned in on time. Work turned in one day late will be lowered one grade. Work turned in two days late will be lowered two grades, etc. People who are absent will have 2 days for each absent day to make up their work, unless there is a note from a parent, or an extended illness. Extra credit work is rarely, but occasionally, offered. It cannot replace assignments that are missed.  Grades are with the following percentage:

                    Tests, quizzes, writings, projects, journal      90%

                    Homework                                                          10%


    Parents, Please SIGN below to acknowledge you have read the above information. I would appreciate hearing from you if you have any questions, concerns and/or if there is anything I should know about your child to help make this a most successful year. You can check the homework hotline which is x7260 and you can reach me personally by emailing me at: abramsonh@amesburyma.gov. I check my email frequently during the day and is the best way to reach me.


    Thank you in advance for your support!

    --Ms. Abramson, Orange Team Language Arts teacher




    (Please cut off this bottom portion to send back with child. Feel free to keep the above info for reference.)


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