Summer Reading

 Here is the assignment and below are the books!  Happy reading!

Summer 2017

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.   ~ Joseph Addison  ~

Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life.   ~ Mortimer J. Adler ~


Student writers expand their knowledge as they read more and more.  Your eighth grade Language Arts teachers want you to relax and read some great books this summer.  We’d like you to select ONE book from our Amesbury Middle School Summer Reading List for students entering grade eight, and after you have read a book of your choice from the list, we want you to share your ideas and feelings about the readings by completing the following. This is not a formal book report, but your reflects your thoughts and responses.  These are the questions you will be asked to respond to within the first week of school.  We recommend that you take notes on each of these bullet points as you read so you will be prepared to complete the Summer Reading Assignment in September!

  • Describe a memorable character from your book.  Choose a quote or two from the text that shows important qualities about this character.
  • Describe how a character in your book has overcome adversity (hardship).  How did the character overcome this challenge or hardship?  Be specific.
  • In your opinion, what is the most important theme of the book?  What message does the author put out through writing this book?  Write about three specific examples from the story that support that theme.
  • Write down three (3) facts about the author.  This information can be found on the book jacket or on the internet.
  • Devise three (3) questions that you would like to ask the author of the book that cannot be answered by reading the book – “deeper” questions.
  • Did the book satisfy your expectations?  Please describe what you liked about it and what you did not like about it.  Be specific. 
  • If you are reading a book that was made into a movie, write about the differences between the book and the movie – some of your thoughts, such as which you liked better and why.

 NOTE: In September, you will be completing a project based on your Summer Reading book.  You will have to write a paragraph for each question that contains a topic sentence, supportive details (not less than three details) and a closing sentence.  Therefore, make sure your notes are sufficiently detailed so you can complete the assignment.

We look forward to having a class discussion with you about these books after summer vacation!

See you in September!

                                      Ms.  Abramson and Ms. O’Mullane – 8th grade ELA teachers

There are 12 books to choose from!

1. Forgotten Fire by Bagdasarian, Adam (Historical fiction)

2. El Deafo by Bell, Cece (Realistic – graphic novel)

3. Anya’s ghost by Brosgol, Vera (Ghost story – graphic novel)

4. Breathing Underwater by Flinn, Alex (Realistic)

5. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Haddon, Mark (Realistic)

6. The Outsiders* by Hinton, S.E. (Realistic) [*The Outsiders, because it is also a movie, must include a paragraph comparison between the movie and the book (see additional assignment sheet)]

7. Weedflower by Kahdota, Cynthia (Historical fiction)

8. A Long Walk to Water by Park, Linda Sue (Realistic)

9. Hard to Say by Sanchez, Alex (Realistic)

10. Trouble by Schmidt, Gary (Realistic)

11. Golden Boy by Sullivan, Tara (Realistic)

12. The Bitter Side of Sweet by Sullivan, Tara (Realistic)