Grading Policies


    Grading Policies

    Grades will be calculated using the following percentages:

    90% - Content (includes classwork, tests, quizzes, notebook checks, projects)

    10% - Homework 

    Tests, quizzes, projects, and writing assignments will be given number or percentage grades. Tests and Type 4 and Type 5 writing assignments will be weighed at a higher value.

    Some assignments, such as homework and classwork, will be graded using a Check+, Check, and Check-. The percentage value for each is as follows:

    •   Check+= 100 points (The assignment is on time, complete, and follows the expectations/directions or teacher’s model.)
    •   Check= 85 points (The assignment is not on time, incomplete or does not follow the expectations/directions/teacher’s model.)
    •  Check- = 70 points (The assignment is more than 3 days late, very incomplete or clearly doesn’t follow the expectations/directions/teacher’s model.) 

    See attached files for important AMS schoolwide grading policies

    Missing Assignments Due to Absence

    It is your responsibility to collect any missed assignments.

    It is your responsibility to turn in any work that was due while you were absent.  It is school policy that work must be turned in within 2 weeks of the excused absence.

          You should plan to stay after school withus, on our scheduled days, to make up missed assignments.

    Late or Missing Assignments

          If you do not turn in an assignment on the due date, an M will be given in the gradebook. M stands for “missing”, and will count as a 0 in the gradebook. When you turn in the missing assignment, it will be assessed and the M will be replaced with the grade you earn for the assignment.

          Some homework assignments cannot be given credit if turned in late; especially those that are corrected in class.


    Grading of Assignments/Tests/Projects:

          Please allow one week, from the assignments due date for class work, projects, writing assignments, and homework to appear in the grade book.

          Please allow 48-72 hours for a test/quiz to appear in the grade book. 

    ***You have 2 weeks to turn in work that is missing or incomplete, not due to an absence, before the grade stays a 0.

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