• AHS Math Department

    Thad Ackerman - Integrated Math II, Algebra II Honors, CP Personal Finance & Invest, Honor Statistics
    Charles Glaubitz - CP Integrated Math I
    Barbara Leary - AP & H Calculus, AP Statistics,CP Integrated Math, Yearbook
    Susan Mroz - H Algebra IA, IB, CP Integrated Algebra IA, IB
    Jessica Regis - H Algebra I, H Analysis, CP Advanced Math
    Katlyn Santosuosso - CP Integrated Algebra 1A, 1B, Honors Algebra IA, IB, II
    Collin Sullivan - CP Integrated Geometry A, B,C, CP Integrated Algebra II
    Amanda (Ting) Sweeney - CP Integrated Math I & III

    Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society

    The Math Honor Society consists of juniors and seniors with a B or better average in 8 quarters or more of mathematics. Inductions are held twice a year.  The society runs an annual math fair for elementary school students and members provide tutoring to students in need. To request a Mu Alpha Theta Tutor, contact Jessica Regis, Advisor.

    Math Team

    Try-outs for math team are held on the Tuesday following graduation. Candidates must be at least sophomores.  The try-out consists of a test of arithmetic, algebra, and word problems. The team has 6 meets a year beginning with the first Wednesday in October and ending with the last Wednesday in April.  The team has won numerous titles due to extensive practice so only serious candidates should take the test.