Student Health Record Retention

  • In accordance with 603 Code of Massachusetts Regulations Chapter 23: Student Records, the following information is offered:

    A student record should have two parts:
    1) the transcript and
    2) the temporary record.

    The transcript includes the name, birth date, address, and phone number of the student; contact information for the student's parent or guardian; and the course titles, grades received, and credits and grades completed. (603 C.M.R. 23.02)

    The temporary record is made up of all other information, in any form, that the school keeps about the student. The school cannot keep just any information in the record. Information kept in the record has to be "important to the educational process." Student health records are part of a student's temporary record and as such are protected from disclosure to third parties without the written consent of the eligible student or parent.

    The temporary record of any student enrolled on or after the effective date of 603 CMR 23.00 (2006) shall be destroyed no later than seven years after the student transfers, graduates, or withdraws from the school system. Written notice to the eligible student and his/her parent of the approximate date of destruction of the record and their right to receive the information in whole or in part, shall be made at the time of such transfer, graduation, or withdrawal. 

    Health services sends a notice to parents/guardians of graduating seniors prior to graduation practice outlining the process for the dissemination of the health record only. Students must sign a receipt indicating that they took possession of the only copy of their health record.