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  • Since its institution around 2000, Local Connections, now referred to as "Anchors & Roots" has been a short course dedicated to celebrating our fantastic regional heritage and to the amazing people, places and events of the past which have made this area a special home.
    From its inception, the intent was to create student Legacy Projects that could be posted for all the world to view and to use in local historical research. Students have been granted access to local historical resources and asked to create and re-create pieces of information that might be of interest to them.
    Below you will find a Table of Contents that will link you to various project postings. Be warned that some project efforts are obviously better researched than others and some links and resources may no longer be available. Nonetheless it was the promise made by Mr. Jancewicz that must be kept that these efforts would be posted for the children and grandchildren, etc. of the pupils who initiated them.


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