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    Although I am not currently teaching U.S. History, this is an area where I can post some interesting information, especially regarding on-going research about Amesbury's connections to the larger story of our nation.

    Basics - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - A Federated Constitutional Democratic Republic

    Influenced by Greek democracy, Roman republic, Magna Carta, English common law and Enlightenment ideas.

    Top 3 Documents: Declaration of Independence; U.S. Constitution; Bill of Rights

    Our Government in Brief

    Three Branches: "JEL" Judicial, Executive, Legislative

    Basic Branch Purposes:

    Executive - Leads & Enforces or "Executes" our laws

    Legislative - Bicameral Body (Senate + House of Representatives) that "Lego" = Make or Create our laws

    Judicial - Judges or Interprets laws

    Law Hierarchy - Federal Statutes (laws); State Statutes; Local Ordinances (laws)