About Me - Background

  • Brief Employment Background -

    From the age of 22 I substitute taught in local lower Merrimack Valley schools and rediscoverd the love of helping others to learn to love learning. My outstanding cooperating teacher advised, "Teach them HOW to learn!" I graduated from U-MASS, Amherst and originally received a full time teaching position in Nashua, NH. Great place, great people, but not home. My home was the Merrimack Valley so I returned here.

    After Nashua, I substitute taught for a long time in the Merrimack Valley, but no openings came my way and I was fortunate to obtain a job with Essex County Gas Company which was a fantastic opportunity. Again, good people and (this time) great pay. Further schooling was granted by the company. Then, (ten years later) - I was blessed with fatherhood - and just then a drastic change in the company and right after the Columbine tragedy...  I decided to return to my original love: Teaching.

    I was initially turned-down at Amesbury High School and rejected by many other schools. Fortunately, that allowed me to resubmit to Amesbury and eventually I was offered a position in 1999. I discovered what a great place AHS is - the faculty is committed and compassionate and the student body is both diverse and appreciative. One of the best choices of my life was to accept this choice.

    Other Jobs I've had:

    Farm Hand (at age 11); Commercial Fisherman (only 2 days); Dish Washer; Bus Boy; Cook's Assistant; Carpenter's Assistant; House Painter; Janitor; Substitute Teacher; Summer School Teacher; Hotel Desk Clerk; Hotel Handy Man; Art Gallery Guard / Guide; Cafeteria Worker; Nursing Assistant; History Teacher; Long Term Substitute Teacher; UPS Driver; Mail Room Clerk; Gas Meter Reader; (trained for a time as a pipe-fitter); Field Engineer

    What changed my life:

    People, many people - People who believed in me, encouraged and inspired me. Things - Reading, Researching, Running and Writing - trying to make sense of this world...its people, places and events. Leaders, many leaders from whom I learned many effective leadership skills.

    What Education means to me:

    Latin: E = out of or from; DUCO = to lead (Education = to lead out of or from; to be a guide, a coach, a mentor...) Bless All those who try to pay it forward and may I, someday, accomplish the goal of guiding others to proceed in the same fashion, to honor those who (like parents and teachers) helped me to find the better parts of me.



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