Course Description

  • I usually teach two courses.   College Prep 1 and Honors Algebra 1. These are both full year courses.

    College Prep 1 involves an integrated approach including algebra, geometry, data analysis, probability, statistics, real-life situations, and number sense.

    Textbook: “Integrated Mathematics 1” by Rubenstein, Craine, Butts, 2002.

    Honors Algebra 1 mainly focuses on pure algebra including real-life situations(word problems) and transformation of functions and their graphs.

    Textbook: “Big Ideas Math-Algebra 1-A Common Core Curriculum” by Ron Larson & Laurie Boswell, 2010.

    Each and every Freshman class starts with the basics without a calculator in all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)  involving whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. In honors proper vocabulary is also included. 

    This usually gives the students confidence for their MCAS exam which has a calculator and non-calculator section. The  Math MCAS exam is given for the last time during their sophomore year. It is entirely on-line. For more information visit Pearson MCAS website.