Grading Policy

  • Notebooks:  Daily lessons will be recorded by the student in either a notebook (with folder) or a three-ring binder.  All handouts should be organized and dated for easy access. These notes are to be studied when reviewing for a test as well as a memory aid when attempting the homework each night. Notebooks will not be collected for a grade. Keep all handouts after having been checked in a folder for review for the quarterly exam before throwing away.

    Homework:  Homework is assigned daily.  Well done homework includes step by step solutions  with all work shown.  Answers on a page will not be accepted and will receive no credit.  Odd numbered problems have solutions at the end of the book for self checking.  This helps determine if a student needs additional help.

    Tests & Quizzes:  Announced tests will be given at the end of each chapter, with a review day prior.  At least one quiz per chapter will be given.  Quizzes will also be announced. Students will NOT be allowed makeups if they do poorly...they should be prepared on the day of the test. 

    Lateness: If you are late to school and miss a test or quiz, you must take the exam that day and need to make arrangements.  If you are absent and miss the review you must take the test on time.
    If you are absent and miss a lesson you will have as many days as you are absent to make up your work.

    Grades: Tests count as 60%, quizzes count as 25%, and the quarterly exam counts as 15% for the quarter average.   Three bonus points will then be added to their average for not missing any well done homework....or I subtract points from a students average for missing homework. (1 point for every 3 homeworks baseball 3 strikes and you're out).

    Of course quarter 1 and quarter 2 grades are averaged to create the semester 1 average. WHEW!

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