Mascot Review Committee

  • The members of the 2021 Mascot Review Committee are as follows:


    Principal's Designee

    Glen Gearin

    Staff Members

    Kristen Comeau

    Peter Campbell

    Christine DeNuzzio

    Hannah Schalck


    Miesha Acevedo

    Aidan Whittier

    Paige Hanson

    Alexandra Labrecque

    Callista Chabot

    Community Members  

    Marc Ouellet

    Steve Gross

    Sam Wilmot

    Robert Capelli


    Paul DiLorenzo

    Thomas Waldron

    Libby Arsenault

    Kerri Dalton

  • Community Survey 

    The mascot committee is soliciting feedback from the community at large through an online survey. The survey will be open from 8am on Thursday, September 23rd until 6pm on Wednesday, September 29th. Paper versions are available at Amesbury High School (5 Highland Street) and City Hall (62 Friend Street). 

    Take the online survey now.



    In March, the School Committee heard a presentation from students regarding the mascot/school identifier for Amesbury High School. As such, the Superintendent has been charged with creating a committee, following School Committee Policy CN, to review the school identifier. The policy is very specific regarding the composition of the committee.

    It must include:

    • The principal or his/her designee

    • 3-4 staff members

    • 5 students (at the high school level, one of these students should be a representative of Student Council (STUCO), and one student should be a representative of the Student Advisory Council (SAC))

    • 3-4 parents

    • 3-4 community members (at the high school level, at least one of these members should be a representative of the athletic boosters)

    The committee will have 18 members in total.


    The committee must make its final recommendation to the Superintendent for review within three months of forming the committee. The Superintendent will make a recommendation to the School Committee for final review and approval.