• Initial Release of the 2021–2022 MCAS and ACCESS for ELLs Testing Schedule


    We are pleased to release the initial 2021–2022 MCAS and ACCESS for ELLs testing schedule.


    1. Guidance on Test Dates and Holiday Observances

    Principals should be aware that state and federal laws require schools to make reasonable accommodations for the religious needs of students and employees in observance of holy days (see guidance and links to interfaith calendars). Students who are absent from school may participate in a make-up session as soon as possible after the regularly administered session. Schools may contact the Office of Student Assessment Services with questions.


    Districts that previously scheduled activities and now find a conflict with one of the high school prescribed dates (on which schools should plan for concurrent testing) should also contact the Office of Student Assessment Services.


    1. Computer-Based Testing (CBT) Expectation and Process for Requesting a Waiver

    The default administration mode for grades 3–8 and 10 is computer-based testing. Schools with special circumstances (e.g., technology constraints or related issues make computer-based testing unfeasible, all students will take the MCAS-Alt or paper-based tests as an accommodation) may request a school-level exemption following procedures to be provided in the fall.


    1. Additional Information
    • Students will take two test sessions of each of the next-generation MCAS tests in spring 2022 (as they did in 2019 and previous years). Test sessions in 2021–22 will remain untimed.


    • For high school students, next-generation retests will be offered in ELA and Mathematics in both November and March. Schools are expected to administer the next-generation retests to repeating grade 10 students and students in grade 11.


    In addition, legacy retests will be offered in both subjects in November only. The legacy retests are available as an option for students in grade 12, if their curriculum and preparation better align to the legacy test design, and adults seeking to earn their CD. November 2021 will be the last administration during which legacy retests will be available in ELA and Mathematics; only next-generation retests will be offered in March 2022 and in subsequent years.


    • Schools may again participate in the voluntary pilot civics assessment in grade 8. The testing windows will be March 14–April 29 for the performance-based tasks sets and May 23–June 10 for the end-of-course assessment. More information will be forthcoming in the fall.


    • Check in fall 2021 for additional information on the testing schedule, including make-up testing windows, student registration dates, and other test administration deadlines.

     MCAS Test Date Schedule 2021-2022