Lingley's Home Page

  • Mr. Lingley  

       I would appreciate hearing any questions, comments, and concerns that you may have.

       All homework and assignments will be posted on the whiteboard in my room (227). You will be able to find directions to special projets on my teacher site upon student request. Remember, it is your responsibility to be writing down what is due as assigned.

       I will be staying after school for additional help everyday that I am not booked with other commitments. With that being said, I get to school early, about 7:00AM and can meet any day before school that I am not booked with a meeting or another student. You can also meet with me by appointment.

       If you need to reach me, I can be contacted via email at Please give me a twenty-four hour turnaround time to get back to you.

       Remember... you get out what you put in