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Degrees and Certifications:

Long Island University---BS University of Lowell---MS

Ms. Susan Mroz

BS from Long Island University

MS from University of Massachusetts Lowell

Math teacher at Amesbury High School

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                   Amesbury Mission Statement

Amesbury High School is committed to inspiring all its students to become problem solvers who take responsibility for themselves and their learning.  In fostering this quest for excellence, the AHS community will support and work together with integrity, modeling acceptance, collaboration, and respect.  School pride permeates the culture of AHS through time-tested traditions blended with student driven innovations and initiatives.

                              AHS Core Values
IRRAP = Integrity, respect for individuality, responsibility, academic excellence and problem solving

Here are a few tips to help your child transition into high school smoothly:

Stay healthy.  Get rest.  Eat well.  Try not to be absent.  Make doctors appointments after school because good attendance means never having to play catch-up with notes and assignments and is less stressful for the student.


Please make sure you help your child by setting up a homework area in your home and a set time to accomplish this task. Keep all distractions off (cell phone, tv, etc) so attention stays focused.

An assignment book is a place to write down important facts about homework assignments and any up-coming tests, quizzes or projects.

Remind your child that distractions like cell phones should be kept in their backpacks turned off during school hours so they can focus on the daily lesson. Some parents have even discontinued their childs cell phone service during school hours.

A notebook and pencil are needed to write down the day's lesson and should accompany your child each day. Spiral bound notebooks or 3-ring binders are the students choices. PLEASE make sure to replenish the paper in 3-ring binders or have extra spiral bound notebooks throughout the year.

I hope your child has a successful year and enjoys everything Amesbury High School has to offer! 
It goes by fast!