Student Support

  • Amesbury Innovation High School is structured to meet the academic, emotional, and behavioral needs of each individual student. 

    Students have the opportunity to work in small groups and individually. Teachers specialise in differentiation of class curriculum to suit the learning style of the student. 
    The AIHS staff take a therapeutic approach to education. Teachers are trained to work with students with depression, anxiety, and trauma histories. Our own highly trained counseling staff is readily available to listen to students and help them face emotional challenges. In addition, AIHS works with outside counselors to incorporate therapy sessions into the school day. 
    Student Support Center:
    The Student Support Center is a room within the school where students can go to deal with emotional or behavioral issues that are preventing from them being successful in the classroom. Support Center staff specialize in assisting students in identifying the roots of their behavior and advocating for their needs.
    The Pettengill House:
    Though there has been a strong working relationship for years, AIHS has now formed an official partnership with The Pettengill House. This relationship improves the ability to meet the needs of the student outside of school. The Pettengill House will continue to be instrumental in helping the families of students receive the social services they require.
    It is the firm mission of AIHS that every student graduate with the skills needed to enter the workforce or attend further schooling. As a part of the Work Study program students are expected to practice the skills needed to transition into their post-secondary lives. Staff guide students to obtain part-time work, volunteering opportunities, community service, and independent living skills.