• Children say and do the craziest things. However, what your child says and does at AES should remain private between you and our school staff. Naturally, children will come home and share the many things that go on during the day with you, and that's okay. But, if you are an adult visitor to our school, either as a volunteer or a chaperone, we expect that you will respect and maintain the privacy rights of our children. 

    As educational professionals, we are required to follow specific and stringent state and federal laws when it comes to the types of information we are able to share. As a volunteer, we ask for your help in keeping school happenings private. We ask that volunteers:

    • refrain from posting field trip pictures on social media, especially if they contain children other than your own.
    • refrain from posting information on social media about any child other than your own.
    • speak to the teacher or principal if you see something that concerns you about any student or adult. Please let us contact that child's parent. We have students with a wide variety of learning, social, and behavioral needs and they all deserve their privacy.

    As a guide, just ask yourself, would it be okay if a parent shared this information about my child? Even when it is great news, children deserve their privacy. We have children whose parents/guardians have requested that their images are not  published. Other families are going through challenging times and it is essential that their status in a school not be disclosed. All of our children deserve our respect and their privacy.