Student Services

  • Student services cover a wide range of programs designed to support students in their learning. To learn more about these services please click on any of the names to view the individual web pages.


    Our Health Services range from dealing with day to day bumps and bruises to long-range health care plans and screenings.

    Mrs. Lynch


    Our counselor provides services through full classroom instruction, small groups, and individual sessions. She also assists parents in locating additional resources to help their children.

    Mrs. Moody                 Mrs. Conway


    Our therapists work with students who are on special education plans (IEPs) or 504 accommodation plans. They also assess students who have been referred for possible services. We provide therapists in speech & language, and physical therapy (large motor). At AES, occupational therapy (fine motor) is provided through contracted services.

    Speech and Language

    Mrs. Kern                                Mrs. Collins

    Physical Therapy

    Mrs. Hart                                 Mrs. Ratgan

    Special Education

    Our special education teachers provide services across a wide range of learning needs.      

     Ms. Zappala                    


    Elementary Psychologist

    Our school pscychologist assists in the assessment of students, works with classroom teachers to design interventions, and works with our school counselor to identify and develop student supports. Check out her "What does a School Psychologist Do?" page!