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Ms. Chris De Nuzzio

Welcome to Grade 7 Green Team Science ! 

Hello, I'm Chris De Nuzzio and I'm thrilled to be teaching 7th Grade Life Science here in Amesbury.  I've been a public school science teacher for 6 years, and also have extensive experience teaching natural sciences as a teacher-naturalist and environmental educator in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and right here in the Merrimack Valley with Merrimack River Watershed Council.  After my first Masters Degree, I taught for 3 years at a private school on the North Shore.  My hobbies and interests mostly focus around natural history and outdoor recreation.  I'm a birder, spending time looking for owls, eagles and other birds on Plum Island and along the Merrimack, and I'm also an avid hiker and kayaker.  

 I'm looking forward to a wonderful year of active, real-world life science.   This year in science, we will explore life science in ways that I hope will be active and engaging for all students, whether they see themselves as science kids or not!   The following Units will be explored by 7th graders this year:

The Nature of Science (Scientific Method/ Living vs. Non Living Things)

Cells (Cell Theory/Cell Organelles and Microscopes)

Body Systems (Levels of organization of life, the similarities, differences and interdependence of body systems) 

Cell Energy (Respiration and Photosynthesis) and The Cell Cycle

Genetics and Heredity (The Structure and function of DNA, Mendellian Genetics, Genetic Mutations, GMOs)

Evolution (Evidence of Evolution, Physical and Behavioral Adaptations, Natural Selection, Mass Extinction events)

Ecosystems  (Food webs and Energy pyramids, Symbiotic Relationships, Invasive Species, etc.)


I'm looking forward to an exciting, interesting and rewarding year with the wonderful 7th grade here at Amesbury Middle School !