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Mr. Cook

The bulk of the matter that composes your teacher was forged in a star that died billions of years ago...early hydrogen and helium fusing together to form the iron in his blood, the carbon in his proteins and fats...all in the fiery furnace of one of the universe's early stars. The platinum in his wedding band was the last of his atoms to be formed... the result of a cosmic shockwave that passed through the dying star as it went full supernova. Some of his resources include, but are not limited to, electromagnetic sensors, vibration detectors, long distance and close range chemical identification mechanisms, and tactile sensors. He shares much of these same traits with his students. 

The photo on this page was taken in the Bering Sea in 2014, when I was lucky enough to join NOAA on a research vessel through the Teacher At Sea program.

A blog of that journey, and what I learned along the way, can be found here. Cook Teacher Sea