Remote Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic


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    Posted by Michael Hildt on 9/1/2020

    AIHS will begin the school year in remote learning along with the rest of the district.

    A "Meet and Greet" day is scheduled for Monday, September 14th to give students the opportunity to come in to the school to meet their teachers. A schedule and details will be emailed to each family. Appropriate COVID-19 safety protocol will be in place.

    The first day of classes will be on Tuesday, September 15th. Remote learning will look significantly different this fall. Students will follow a regular schedule which is typically 4-5 classes per day. There will be a mix of online as well as physical assignments. Students will come to the school weekly to pick up and drop off work. In some cases students with disabilities will meet with teachers in person following stringent safety guidelines.

    Remote learning expectations and class schedules are posted below.

    Please refer to the Amesbury Public Schools website and social media pages for updates on transitions to hybrid and in-person learning.

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By Month

  • AIHS Remote Expectations


    • Students are responsible for attending each academic class, academic progress meeting, flextime, work study, and credit recovery.
    • FAMILIES should provide notice to school staff of any issues with the internet or devices that will affect student’s attendance.
    • Two (2) unexcused absences in a quarter will result in a mandatory meeting with principal, guidance, student, and family.
    • A text will be sent to the STUDENTS AND FAMILIES at the beginning of a class period to report an absence. If there is no response to the text, FAMILIES WILL BE CALLED
    • As noted in the attached schedule, students have at least 10 minutes between classes for water or bathroom breaks, etc., and are expected to be present at the start of class. Tardiness to any class period will result in Flextime.


    • Students log into classes using their own computer, with webcam, or a Chromebook provided by AIHS. (NO PHONES)
    • Cameras and speakers are required to remain ON during class and meeting sessions. 
    • Internet access is required to support Remote Online Learning. FAMILIES are expected to notify school staff of concerns or issues related to technology or internet access PRIOR to a remote learning session. 


    • Students are expected to actively participate in discussions, activities, and assignments as outlined in class rubrics. 
    • Students will earn letter grades based on performance; this remote learning will NOT be assessed as Pass/Fail.
    • CAMERAS and SPEAKERS will remain ON for the duration of the session. (Treat it as if you were physically in the classroom.)





    1.) E-Mail

    Students should check their school G-Mail account daily. They will get important messages from your teachers, assignment updates, and invitations to Google Meet sessions. Email is the best way to reach your teacher. A directory is available on this page.


    2.) Google Classroom

    Students have Google Classrooms for all of their classes. Teachers will post assignments as well as other information. If you are unsure what you have missed look through the Stream and check the Classwork top tab. Most assignments are posted at the beginning of the week and are due at the end. Posting comments and questions shows engagement and is highly encouraged. Don't forget to *Turn In* assignments!


    3. Google Meets

    Teachers will hold virtual classes according to the posted schedule via Google Meet. You can see your Meet invitations through or in your email. Students are expected to participate in All classes daily. Each of their academic classes meets four times per week. Wednesdays will be reserved for individual meetings between students and teachers. Set meeting times will be provided to each student. If their is additional time is needed please ask. Special Education teachers will be available in each Google Meet session as well as for individually scheduled sessions.



    The AIHS staff are doing our best to meet the needs of our students during these difficult times. If there are ways we can help please reach out to us.


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