Special Education teacher

  • Welcome to Mrs. Sandvik's Homepage.  I have been a special educator for over 25 years.  My Bachelor Degree is in the field of Behavioral Science and I have a Master Degree in Education.  I am a licensed Special Education teacher for students with moderate disabilities in grades 5 through 12. I came to teach at Amesbury Middle School in 2007.  Here, I teach English Language Arts.  I am available to stay after school to offer extra help most days.  I believe each of us has natural strengths and talents and I endeavor to recognize and nurture them in the students I work with.  I love working with my students who I consider very intelligent and unique and love being part of this school community.

    I have attached a link to the Aspen Family Portal.  You can use it to check your child's grades, progress, and to see if he/she has any missing assignments.  Please contact me at sandvikb@amesburyma.gov with any questions or concerns you may have.  Frequent communication with parents is vital to the success of students' education.

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