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Welcome to Blue team Science!   This year we will be exploring the world we live in.  Students will be learning about the Earth and the planets' dynamics.  We begin the year following hurricanes and understanding what causes them to build and fall apart.  As we watch the Atlantic for the hurricance action, students will also be observing and recording our amount of daylight and how it has been disappearing!  Their observations and inquiry labs should lead them to discover where all that light goes to and why.  We will also be recording the sunlight's return as we move towards Spring.

All year students will be asked to look up and explore the skies.  Cloud patterns, planets, the moon and star constellations will be some of the topics the students will be researching.  We will be taking closer looks at the moon, the sun and some of the stars and  constellations that will help up welcome the changing seasons during the next few months. Be ready to go outside during school and at home in the evenings to observe these works of beauty that we take so much for granted! 

Students will also be learning about the inner workings of the Earth as they explore earthquakes, volcanoes and plate tectonics.  Blue team students are fortunate because we have a working seismograph in our classroom that records earthquakes from all over the world!  We also work side by side with a seismologist from the B.C. Weston Observatory later this year as we study and record the changes in the earth's crust.

At the end of the year, we study our ocean and the impact it has on our small area of the world. To culminate this unit, we will be traveling to the beach for a day of outdoor classroom activities.  This day will have experiments and fun activities to recap the information we have worked on all year long.  

What you need for class to be successful this year:

AMS Agenda Book -Students need to be sure to record all homework that needs to be done.  We will also have this information on the Homework Hotline-  extension # 7210

A hard bound notebook for the daily almanac will be needed for class every day

A hard bound notebook that will be used as a science journal will be left in the classroom

A trapper binder will be used to keep all papers we need for classwork and homework

Colored pencils will be used often.

Fine tip sharpies work best as we work on our maps and posters

EXTRA HELP OR MAKE-UPS- Most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays -From 2:30 -3:30  Please be sure to tell me if you are planning on staying for help or make-ups to be sure that I am available.