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  • Hi and welcome to Mr. Bent's 5th Grade Science Website!  I will try to update the site as often as possible. 

    **You can now find all of the Aqua Team's Homework in one "convenient" location.  Click here for this new site:
    The two most important sections of this site will be:

    My Resources:  This section will feature information about class rules, expectations, unit notes packets, and other important things.  If you ever lose any paperwork, you should be able to find it here.  If not, email me, and I will upload it if possible!
    My Homework:  This section features a calendar view with upcoming homework assignments. Science homework is not given very frequently.


    We will be beginning the implementation of the new Massachusetts Science Standards (based off of the national standards.  You can read over the standards here:
    **We are now using Google Classroom on a semi-regular basis (as of 2/2018).  Your child should have an individual class code that allows them to access the classroom.  I will be posting news, videos, and other stuff that your child(ren) can access.  The link for Google Classroom login is found here:

    Unit 1  Earth and Space Sciences Part 1, Earth’s Place in the Universe

    Unit 2 Earth and Space Sciences Part 2, Earth’s Systems

    Unit 3, Earth and Space Sciences Part 3, Earth and Human Activity

    Unit 4, Physical Science, Matter, Motion & Stability, and Energy

    Unit 5, Life Science, From Molecules and Organisms to Ecosystems

    If you have any questions, please contact me by email at


    Mr. Bent

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