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    World Geography and Ancient Civilizations


       Mr. Foley

    Social Studies - Blue Team

    Mr. Foley  

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    email: foleyp@amesburyma.gov


    Get ready to study societies of the past & present!

    Prehistory Ancient Mesopotamia Middle East

    Ancient Egypt Africa Central America

                                                       Caribbean Islands South America                                                         


     Keys to your success

    1. Be Prompt: be on time. Don’t miss out!

    2. Be Prepared: be sure to have a pencil and your assignments.

    3. Be Productive: hard work always gets rewarded, so always do your very best!

    4. Be Positive: have a good attitude. It makes the experience much more fun!

    5. Be Polite: always be kind and courteous.

    How you will be evaluated

    Projects (30%)/Tests (30%) —culminating activities, vocabulary & maps that show mastery of concepts.

    Quizzes/mini-projects –checks for understanding, writing and smaller-scale assignments to determine progress towards mastery of concepts: 20%

    Classwork/participation—pays attention, answers/asks questions, is respectful and stays on task: 10%

    Homework – my homework is designed for students to DISCOVER more and DIVE DEEPER into the world we are studying: 10%

    Extra help

    After school help days are subject to change throughout the school year. Students will be notified in advance if a change is made.

    Students may also request afterschool help one day in advance.


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