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Welcome to the Blue Team English Language Arts page.  

Amesbury Public Schools use the John Collins Writing Program.  Students keep a living writing folder in class where all writing assignments stay.  As new skills are learned and strengthened, past writing activities become authentic works for students to practice with.

Students practice a variety of reading strategies in class through the help of our partnership with TLA (The Teaching and Learning Alliance).  Strategies include: inferring, visualizing, determining importance, predicting, questioning, summarizing, using context clues and connecting.  Students work collaboratively and individually to strengthen comprehension.


  • Expand student knowledge and appreciation of quality literature
  • Analyze the elements of a story
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Improve writing skills (voice, mechanics, and conventions)
  • Make connections with what students learn in other subject areas, the media, the world, and their lives
  • Develop research skills using the library resources



I am available after school most days until 3.  Longer after school help can be scheduled as needed!


Please feel free to contact me anytime through email at:  




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