Welcome White Team Math Students

  •            Hello!  I'm Mrs. Hill.

    Welcome to 7th grade math

    Below is an overview of expectations of White Team math students

    Supplies needed everyday

    composition notebook or a spiral notebook for class notes

    pencils and eraser


    folder for homework

    A calculator is required for MCAS and is needed for certain standards during the year.

    Daily in-class expectations

    Come to class with a pencil, your homework folder, and a notebook. 

    Come to class with a willingness to try new content and to work through challenging problems that apply new concepts.

    Do your homework, as assigned, independently.

    How students are graded

    In class participation is key!

    Homework is assigned, Monday through Thursday

    Brief quiz, weekly

    Tests, follows each unit

    End of quarterly assessment: This is a two day exam; layout is very similar to MCAS.

    MCAS, scheduled in late spring of 2017

    MAP assessment (not graded) is taken in the beginning of each quarter. It is a tool used district wide for monitoring student growth.

    Homework is 10% of the final grade

    Quizzes, test and quarterly is 90% of the final grade.

    After schools hours: I am after school on Tuesdays from 2:30 – 3:30

    Content:  7th graders are taught the Common Core State Standards. (Click on it to access.)

    Also, I have written a parent’s guide to the CCSS, you can find a link to this resource on the bottom of this page.


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    Catherine Hill. (2014). Grade 7 Mathematics Common Core Standards Explained, a parent’s guide to the standards.



    I would urge all 7th graders to look to the left and click on MY LINKS. You will find the following selections.

    1. Be a zero hero!
    This is a challenging subtraction site. 
    Read the directions as you go along and you will be successful.

    2. Boost your multiplication facts
    Here you can practice your times tables. Take pride in knowing these facts.

    3. Integer football
    Great practice for adding and subtracting positive and negative integers. 
    Click on the number line to choose your answer.

    4. More about zero pairs.
    This site will bring you to a PowerPoint tutorial. It is priceless.

    5. Calculation Nation.
    You have to register first. It is free. You will find the games very challenging. 

    6. MCAS practice
    This is a Department of Education site that provides sample questions from the MCAS. 
    This is an excellent way to make yourself comfortable with the style of questions the 
    MCAS has and to sharpen your math skills.

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