• Welcome to our Speech Website! 

    We have never been "here" before. As we all navigate through what has become our new normal for the next few weeks, Ms. Alex and I wanted to share some link for you to keep working on your communicaiton skills. Check out the resources tab for these links.

    The best way to keep your communication skills sharp is to keep communicating! Have conversations with your parents, guardians, syblings, pets, anyone! Parent's think of how you can ask your kids 'why,' 'how,' 'what do you think...,' and 'what if' questions to help them think beyond the typical who, what, where, and when questions we so often default to. 


    Communication is such an important aspect of all of our lives. Communication between home and speech therapy is something I enjoy and encourage. We work with you're children to help them access all areas of their curriculum. Yes that also includes Math some of the time. Eventhough our skills in that area leave much to be desired please don't hesitate to ask us anythign and everything! 

    Our emails below are the best way to reach us. We will be checking them often throughout the day.



    Shannon Kennedy Blanchet  M.S. CCC-SLP


     (978) 388-0515 


    Alexandra Kotowski, SLPA